DiagnoShop is a SaaS product for Diagnostic Centers for increasing productivity & efficiency. It is a mobile and Cloud Application platforms for patients, users and healthcare entities. It is a wholesome product that encompasses wide array of services such as Billing and Accounting Software, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Camp Management, Third Party outsourcing management, Home Sample Pickup services, Remote Diagnostics, Reports Generation and online reports, Health Records Management, Patient management for healthcare entities.

For the patients/customers the product is an easy-to-use/interactive technology platform that serves them to find the right diagnostic center for their needs according to the test type, location, rating and expertise. They can make and manage appointments, maintain their healthcare records,review and rate the healthcare entities as well as share their experience by giving feedback about the different diagnostic centres. Last but not the least they can get answers to health queries by posting in the forums.

DiagnoShop helps Diagnostic Centers/Labs, Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals and other healthcare entities, all over India and later all over the world using the latest state of the art Enterprise Cloud Applications and Mobile Applications.The design and development of the technology platforms, systems, logistics for Healthcare entities are intended to achieve the following objectives:

To build their online presence,
To increase their productivity,
To maximize the earnings,
To manage appointments,
To manage the health records,
To manage patient history,
To provide extra services like home sample pickups,
third party outsourcing management and camp management,

To provide digital marketing over social networking sites,
To manage accounts,
To manage employees,
To engage customers,
To manage their administrative personnel,
To increase customer retention by providing follow-up mechanism,
To provide customer relationship management,
To provide online payment options,
To provide call center facilities,
To provide consultancy services to setup a process for establishing diagnostic centers/labs, clinics and hospitals,
To provide import/export services and sourcing of technology and equipment,
To track the performance on the go,
To track customer’s feedback,
To provide integration services with other health care entities
DiagnoShop provides customers/patients an easy to use/interactive technology platform to:

Find the right diagnostic center for their needs according to the test type, location, rating and expertise,
manage their appointments,
manage their healthcare records,
review and rate the healthcare entities,
give feedback to healthcare entities,
pay the fee online
get everything they need to keep themselves healthy and fit
get answers to health queries